Saturday, 10 September 2011

Where have I been?!

When Dad died I set my self my very first challenge of losing weight and getting healthy.   Like my Dad I was obese and desperatley needed to do something about it.

It seemed to give me something to focus on and help me through the pain of losing him and I was even enjoying it!!  My decision to undertake that very first challenges seemed to turn my life around.

I felt by giving myself challenges it kept me focused on my goal and somehow brought me closer to my Dad even though he was no longer around.  My Dads ethos through his life was to work hard and achieve the best you could so by setting these challenged  I could somehow 'give' him something back in return for being such a good father, friend and mentor.

From that first challenge (weightloss) came the next (5k) and the next (Moonwalk) the next (10k) and the next (half marathon) before the next (3 peaks) and then numerous runs and charity events after that. 

So when in August of last year I got a pain in my shoulder and first went to see the specialist my life seemed to come to a complete halt. 

Having numerous physio session then having to have not just one but 2 operations seemed to set me further back on reaching my final goal. 

Andy's challenge66 started in March and Ray's participation in it seemed to help keep me a little focused and give me something else to concentrate on.  I seemed to live and breath the Challenge helping and promoting it in any way I possibly could, not only to help Andy with gaining his world record but also to feel close to my husband who was away from me and our 5 year old son. 

Some may say I put too much time and effort into it? Yes I did!!  It was all I had to keep me going.  Some of my friends came to visit and help me through what was a silly lonely time for me and from the bottom of my heart I thank them for, without them it really would have been unbearable. The ones that thought I was putting too much time and effort into Challenge66 obviously didn't visit very often becasue they didn't have a clue what I was going through.  Most of the time only having a 5 yr old to converse with and when he went to bed sitting in every night on my own in a big house.  It was soul distroying and did nothing for my self esteem. 

I was making it an adventure for Benjamin so why not make it an adventure for myself too?!

Ray being away was like half of me being ripped out!  He has been my rock and my life since my Dads death and sometimes I've never given him the credit he truly deserves.  On the day I lost my Dad he also lost a good friend, possibly one of his best friends and I have no doubt he hurts as much as I do some days but he never complains, never moans just helps me smile again and supports me in anyway he can.  Of that alone I will be eternally grateful.

Andy did a fantastic job and I was so proud to see him finish Challenge 66 ot of 66.  66 ultra marathons in all 66 cities of the UK on 66 consecutive days!! You are a machine Andy Mcmenemey and a lovely guy to boot.  I really hope you get all you desire in life and hope we be there to see you achieve it but more importantly share in it. xxx

So with Challenge66 completed and another op for my shoulder in the pipeline I needed to get back into some sort of training to re-focus my mind. . . . . . . .

I put out an event on Facebook to see if anyone would be interest in doing 'a bit' of walking working towards the London Moonwalk next year.  Before long people were saying yes and  eventually there were about 8 of us that were extrememly interested.

Before we knew it we were out 2-3 times a week in training for our challenge.  We all have a great sense of humour and have had laughs and giggles along the way.  I for one live and breath for the next time we get together and I'm sure I speak for al the girls when I say I get so jealous if I can't make one of the walks that have been organised.

Friendships have been made and bonds are getting stronger.

I'll keep you posted but why not also keep an eye on to find out more about us all :o)