Sunday, 19 May 2013

Its never been 20 months!?!

Gosh time flies! I can't believe I've not posted in my blog for the last 20 months! Time for change me thinks...

A quick update - the London Moonwalk last year was awesome and it wasn't my only challenge, I also completed the Humber Bridge Half Marathon, Hull 10k, RFL and GNR.

As the Yorkshire Follies, we all did amazingly and as a group we raised over £10,000 for various charities including BHF, HER breast friends, Sproatley playing fields, Sproatley school, Golden Leaves, Teenage Cancer Trust, Movember, Shine and house of light to name but a few! Weve done incredibly well and I'm sad to say that for various reasons the last event for the Yorkshire Follies group will be the Edinburgh Moonwalk in 2 weeks time raising money for Walk the Walk. Ironically it is on the 8th June which is exactly 2yrs to the day that I put my original post on FB asking if anyone would like to join me in training for the London moonwalk 2012. We've had an incredible journey 'training together, changing lives'  and I wish the girls good health and good luck for their future challenges and fundraising.

For those of you that have followed my blog from the beginning will be more than aware that setting myself challenges has kept me going since losing my dad in 2008 but this year was proving a tad difficult!

I've walked 4 marathons already but I've always said I would like to run one so booked myself onto the Edinburgh marathon last year -it is due to take place next week.

In November of last year it became very apparent that my right shoulder was showing signs of the same rotator cuff problems that I experienced in my left back in 2011. After consultation with my specialist it was confirmed and I was booked in for surgery early February. My confidence and spirit were crushed and once again my training and specifically my marathon dreams were shattered (I knew I was more than capable of walking it but its my dream to run one)

Surgery came and went with the same problems but luckily not the 2nd op. After losing the weight I had gained from having my first 2 ops, I'd put some of it on again and felt very low, very lonely and extremely fed up.

Recovery was finally happening and then a very good friend of mine Shereen mentioned a running group she was training to be a leader for and invited me to one of their running group meetings.  Fitmums and Friends is an incredible club that I have joined and I would highly recommend it to anyone, the camaraderie, encouragement and team work between the run leaders and runners is amazing and has to be see to be believed ( I'm often out walking/running the streets on my own but to have the company and friendship at Fitmums is more that inspiring and I'm clocking up the miles again and I'm adoring it.  Shereen is an amazing run leader and is becoming a bit of a running machine so I passed on my marathon place to her with my love.  She has knuckled down amazingly with her training and I wish her all the luck in the world for next week, I just know she is going to smash it.

So training for the Moonwalk is in full swing and I have vowed to continue with my blog agains so please stay tuned for further news and updates.

Much love


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  1. Brilliant, can't wait to follow the updates :)