Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time to set that challenge....

It's now been two weeks since Ray had his aortic aneurism repair and its been a tough couple of weeks both mentally and physically.  We've had amazing support and help from our friends around us and I really can't thank them enough for being around, helping in any way they possibly can even if its just with a hug or a cup of tea. Xxx

I've always been a great believer of turning a negative into a positive and our situation at the moment has been no different. Things could have been so different if Ray had thrown the AAA screening appointment in the bin! I would've been nowhere else than by his side, helping him and nursing him back to health, he is not just my other half but the other half of me! I love him more than anything and would go to the end of the earth for him.

I'm thrilled to say he is now home and recovering remarkably well relaxing in front of the TV.  We have been joking that if he carries on watching cookery and chef programmes it won't be long until he is a three star Mitchelin Chef! *** Lol.  

The situation has however left me feeling in need of helping others as well as showing Ray just how much I love him. The best way I know to show him just how much and to celebrate his being home  is to set myself the challenge of my life and at the same time raise much needed funds for BHF for ongoing research and help - without which Ray wouldn't have been screened and be here to tell his tale!

My mind worked overtime, what could do? How could I push myself further than I had ever done? I'm set to run GNR in September, could I incorporate the start or finish point?  A half marathon is 13.1 miles which is 21.1k. Could I maybe add onto it?

Ray got his diagnosis 7 weeks ago and GNR is in 7 weeks time so I've set myself the challenge..........

Between the 1st August up to and including GNR on the 15th September I plan to run 300k!!  Yes 300k, that's over 186 miles!!

I know it is going to be tough but surely it's not classed as a challenge if its not challenging? What I do know is I'm determined, I love my husband and I want to prove just how much.

I will be mapping my kilometres on my gps and logging them as I go for all to see. I've set up a JustGiving page for BHF ( and also an events page on Facebook for my friends to keep them informed and help me if they can.

The support I've had just in the couple of hours I've set my challenge is once again colossal and proves just what friendhsip, love and help we have out there.  I'm truly humbled. THANK YOU xxx

So let's clock up them k's :)

Much love


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  1. You little Devil! You're at it again. I can't run with you BUT I CAN sponsor you. Good luck. All my love. XX