Monday, 11 May 2009

Picking up the pace

This week has found me getting motivated again!
My gain last week, although the first one this year really changed how I was feeling. I can't begin to tell you how low my week started until I joined up with the new site,

I am really enjoying it and the support and advice network on the site is incredible. People who have never met before talking openly to each other, offering help and advice as well as motivating . . . . . . . . and why - because they are all in the same boat - they all want to loose weight to feel better about themselves and have a healthier life.
Ray has even enrolled on the site and is now entering his own food diaries and exercise regime. I think he's been quite shocked as to how many calories specific foods contain and only by making little changes, things can be so much healthier.
Hollie and Sean came over from Guernsey for the weekend and we had a meal booked for the Friday evening which was a little worrying for obvious reasons. I had however, worked hard all week and banked calories that I planned to use for my meal/wine so surely I had to get the loss I felt I deserved. Mum came with us too and we had a lovely evening, once again enjoying fantastic food - thank you Westwood!

On Sunday morning Hollie joined us on on what was going to be a relatively short walk via the tea rooms at Burton Constable Hall for a cup of tea and teacake . . . . . . . . only the grounds didn't open until 12:30!! So we changed our plan, went further down the road and ended up doing 5.5 miles. Bless her we did try and go gently on her but I think her legs were aching a little by the end. lol

Weigh in ................................................................ 4lb loss!!!! YIPPEE

That's 2 stone 10 lbs in 18 weeks (average 2.1lb a week!) bang on target. I would think that to lose 4lb next week to get to my 3 stone target is a little too much to ask but hey, I can but dream!!

This week I've done everything properly and I lost weight. In my eyes it's very clear that if you want to lose weight, then stick within the guide lines and it does work.

Saturday we have our 20mile walk booked and we are staying over at friends so weigh in will on Monday.

Until then

Take care, God Bless



  1. Well done Ells.Little man having his sleepover at Grandmas!!Love ya. XX

  2. Wow......WOW.....and WOW....get in there gal..xxxxx