Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nearly there

Last week saw us preparing for our longest walk so far starting from our home in Sproatley, through Wyton and Bilton, then along Holderness Road and through the town centre, up Boothferry Road, across the Humber Bridge, through Barton and finally into Barrow on Humber arriving at our friends house within hopefully no more than 6 hours. It doesn't sound far when you say it like that but it was just over 20 miles!!
We dropped Benjamin off at his Grandmas for a sleepover, his first one since her operation. I'm not quite sure who was looking forward to it the most - she was so excited.

We left the house just before 10am in far from settled weather and that set the pattern for the duration of the walk! We seemed to have all four seasons in one day. One minute it was glorious sunshine then the next the heavens opened and it poured with rain. We hit the Humber Bridge at around 1pm and as we neared the South Tower the heavens opened again but this time it was hailstone! Cold, wet, miserable and hurting we ploughed on and true to form it brightened up again and we got to our friends house after 5:45 minutes.

We were absolutely thrilled. Not only had we walked further than we had ever walked before but we had done it far quicker than we had imagined. What was also very encouraging was that we both said we could have extended our walk and completed another 6 miles if we'd needed to. This gave us a real confidence boost for the marathon in 5 weeks time.

After a blisteringly hot shower, a most welcome cup of tea and early afternoon drinkies, we spent a lovely evening with John and Sue, eating, drinking, chatting and catching up. Sensibly we slept over which meant weigh in would be a day later i.e. Monday instead of Sunday.

Weigh in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2lb loss!!!!!

I was so pleased to have lost again although if I'm really honest I wanted to hit the 3 stone mark at this time.

That was until we were sat at the kitchen table on Monday and Ray said to me "Do you realise what 40lb feels like?" Then off he trotted into the gym and brought out weights equivalent to the 40lb and made me carry them. Oh my word, how did I ever manage to walk around? The extra weight (to me) seemed huge and in true Ellie form I started to cry. I suddenly realised that it didn't matter that I hadn't got to my 3 stone target this week. The fact was I had lost 40lb in weight and I was feeling so much better and healthier and certainly much happier with how my appearance was changing. I am now buying clothes that are 3 sizes down from January; that would be enough to make anyone smile!

Until next week, take care



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