Monday, 1 June 2009

I'm disappearing!

Once again I must apologise for not doing a blog last week. Caz came over and we spent Friday night sewing lights on our bras in preparation for the moonwalk in 3 weeks time. We were up early on Saturday morning to go for a long walk and once again spent it chatting and catching up. We also spent a couple of nights in Newcastle at the beginning of the week so it's been a little hectic to say the least and everything got out of sync.
At last weeks weight in I maintained and to say that I was a tad disappointed was an understatement - I cried! I was just so desperate to get to the 3 stone mark!. Why do we do this to ourselves? We build ourselves up for something only to be so disappointed when we don't achieve it.
I was sat at the kitchen table feeling very sorry for myself on Sunday morning after weigh in when Mum told me to do my measurements again as she could see that I had lost inches. . . . So out the tape measure came.
I realised then had something to smile about!
3.5 inches of my chest!
6 inches off my waist!!
6 inches off my hips!!
So there you are - I really am disappearing and it gives me a buzz that I just can't describe. . . . so thank you Mum xxx
We then decided to sort out my wardrobe which certainly needed doing as a lot of my clothes were just falling off me. It was debatable whether I gave them to charity or pack them away in a vacuum bag. I decided however, that I never wanted to go back there again so the British Heart Foundation shop benefitted from 4 bin liners of clothes! The only 'BIG' clothes I kept was the suit that I wore for Benjamin's Christening. . . . . just as a reminder . . . .

When we returned from Newcastle, the rest of the week was spent exercising and enjoying the sun. Ray bought me a new heart rate monitor as an early Anniversary present. Then it was getting ready for weigh in on Sunday morning before the Race for Life and our follow on BBQ.

Sunday started off on an extremely good note. . . . . . . . I lost 4lb this week!!!!!!! Making up for my previous week and bringing my total weight loss to 3 stone 2lb. That is an enormous amount of weight and exactly on track with losing an average of 2lb a week.

So with new vigour we departed for the Costello stadium to join over 5,000 more women in the Race for Life and my challenge had once again been set! Ray said he would sponsor me £30 for the race with an additional £20 if I completed it within 45 minutes! Last year I completed the 5k Race in over an hour (about 1:17 I think it was).

I was determined to run at least some of it this year and being a true Virgo, I was determined to get £50 for cancer research and prove to myself I was more than able to complete the run in less that 45 minutes. I shattered my previous 3 mile time coming in at 37 minutes 51 seconds!!!! I was absolutely elated and just hoped no one had a camera pointed at me as I crossed the finish line as I was crying!
I'm looking forward to a good week. It's our Wedding anniversary today (1st June) and it's certainly starting well.
Until next week

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