Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Anniversary wishes

The photograph opposite was taken on 1st June 2005 when we were married aboard the MV Sea Princess just off the Bay of Biscay.

We always try to make every Anniversary special, this year being our 4th.
The weather was so beautiful we set the patio table for a champagne dinner, bathed Benjamin and put him to bed and between us cooked the most fabulous dinner.

We started with tiger prawns cooked in chilli, garlic, sweet pepper and white wine and served on ciabatta. Our main course was BBQ trout on a bed of herby potatoes with a summer salad. To finish we had homemade chocolate cake with ice-cream followed by cheese and crackers. This was possibly the most romantic meal ever.

The whole evening seemed to have a different feel to it and I still don't know what it was. Maybe it was the fact that we both felt and looked so much healthier? My wedding outfit was a 2 piece suit and having tried the skirt on earlier that day, it was at least 2 inches too big.
For dinner I wore a beautiful pink summer dress that I'd only ever had on once before and then it felt so tight that I 'd subsequently lost it at the back of the wardrobe. I was wearing the dress and feeling pretty good in it! Rays shirt was one that he had bought on holiday abroad and for all that he loved it, it had always been too tight for him.

The chiminea was duly lit and we sat out until late into the evening. Thoughts drifted and inevitably turned to my Dad. He was on the wedding cruise with us and I still remember the look of pride on his face as he walked me 'down the isle' to my future husband. He's been gone now just over 6 months and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. God I wish I could see the look of pride that would surely be on his face today as he realised just how far I had progressed on my weight loss journey. Dad and I always used to stay up later than everyone else, talking and putting the world to rights. I miss that time so much and I'd give anything to have it back even just for one more night!!

Ray seems to have a knack of knowing exactly what I'm feeling and exactly what's going through my mind. He knew my Dad was on my mind and we just sat in the darkness watching the flames dancing in the pot. From the moment I told my Dad that Ray and I were seeing each other he said he was so pleased and that finally we had both met our soul mates. Maybe that's why we know each others thoughts and feelings so well!! We went to bed a little tearful but happy after having spent the most wonderful evening.

Our next evening was spent in completely different surroundings at one of the top restaurants in the area. Winteringham Fields, a 16th Century Manor House in a rural village in North Lincolnshire is a ***** restaurant 'with rooms'. We had the beautiful "surprise" menu consisting of 9 courses ranging from foie gras, to lamb Wellington, to passion fruit souffle and an award winning cheese trolley!

I bought a dress about 3 years ago intending to 'slim' into it. In true Ellie form I in fact gained weight and never got the dress on and just like the pink summer dress it ended up in the back of the wardrobe. In January when I began my sponsored slim the dress came out again with the intention of wearing it for my 40th birthday. Whoops!!!. . . . . .I wore it for our Anniversary meal and I have a very funny feeling it will be too big for my birthday!!! Ah well it seems I will have to get a new outfit for that occasion. . . .

I know I still have a long way to go but I'm starting to feel good about the way I look for the first time in a long time. My weight is still dropping and at a steady pace which is all I can ask for. To add to that I'm enjoying my new healthy lifestyle.
The rest of our week was spent in the gym and walking, trying to work off everything we'd eaten at the beginning of the week. We laughed as we worked out and reminisced about how we used to be and how far we had come. We both said that we wouldn't particularly worry if we put on weight this week although to maintain would be better.
Weigh in Sunday. . . . . . . . .
I stepped on the scales in trepidation truly expecting a gain: I've lost another 1lb!!!!!!
I couldn't contain the joy. I've had a fantastic week, I've exercised hard and it's all paid off. Now it's time to put my feet up for the evening and have a night off!!
Next weekend Caz and Andy are over for a walk and final touches. It's the weekend before the Moonwalk and our outfits are almost ready. I'm sooooooo excited.

Until then

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