Monday, 29 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy

It has amazed me how much NOT exercising has bothered me this week!

I got a very nasty blister from the marathon and also did something to my little toe. I'm not sure whether it was a fracture, a rub or another blister but whatever it was I haven't been able to wear full shoes or trainers all week due to the swelling and bruising - hence no exercise.

I can now understand the term gym junky! I have so missed not being able to pop out for a walk or nip into the gym for an hour but this week will be different. My toe is recovering nicely (although still quite black) but I've got three nights out planned so I need to get something done.

We've also had friends and family over from Ireland this week so it's been a week of laughing and enjoying ourselves.

The first people to arrive were Rebecca and Paul. I had the pleasure of meeting them when we all worked out in Cyprus in 2002 and we've remained very good friends ever since. Benjamin was page boy for them at their wedding two years ago and I think Paul got a bit of a shock when he saw how he's grown since then as that was the last time he saw him.

I think Becca too was a little shocked at the change but that was in me! She last saw me at Dads funeral and when I met her at the airport, she screamed at me and couldn't stop complementing me on how well I'm doing. It's so nice when people give you encouragement when they see a difference and it certainly gives me a real buzz as I feel everything is slowing down a bit now. She has signed up for WLR so it will be me screaming at her the next time we meet!

We had a girls night out planned for Tuesday and all four of us hit the town although we hardly made an entrance as I think we were the only ones out! It was good that it was so quiet though as it meant we could catch up and have a good natter with each other. It's been far too long since we did that and hopefully it won't be so long before we do it again!

We had another trip to the airport on Thursday to pick up my Uncle Ed, my cousin Catherine and her friend Paula. We dropped Uncle Ed off at mums for them to have their catch up. Poor Mum was so ill last time he was over and he ended up having to drop her off at the hospital almost as he was going home. So I would like to think they have well and truly caught up with the gossip and goings on by now.!!

With our last guests arriving on Friday we had a bit of a celebration/get together BBQ to celebrate the Moonwalk and welcome everyone and we had a blast! I lasted until about 3am then had to retire. I think everyone else stayed up to hear the birds morning chorus before eventually going to bed.

Then Saturday was the 80's party in the park. . . . . .


With T'Pau, Belinda Carlisle, Banarama, Human League and Go West playing and us all dressing in our 80's get up we had such a good night and danced till the small wee hours once again!!

With the advantage of the 4000 calories I burnt from the walk which I hoped would see me through my lack of exercise and excess partying, it was possibly the most nervous I have ever been before stepping onto the scales on Sunday morning. I wasn't hoping for anything but wishing for the world. . . .


It really does pay to account for everything you eat and keep tabs on it. I have been just under maintenance calories all week barring a couple of days but I've had my exercise calories in the bank. I can't tell you how pleased I am so hopefully with exercise back on the agenda this week the fabulous week we've had won't come back to bite me at next weeks weigh in!

I have had such a fabulous week and we've laughed until we've cried. Maybe I've burnt calories doing that too and that's where the pound has gone??

We've another busy week this week with birthday's and I would just like to take this opportunity of letting Al know he got there before me (1st July)!!! Oh and Tracy (4th July)!! Happy 40th guys, hope you have very special days.

Hope you have a great week



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  1. Na no tears, makes a change!Good luck this week. Love ya. XX