Sunday, 19 July 2009

It's been a while

Gosh it seems have been an age since I was last here posting a blog. It certainly must have been because the amount of people that have phoned, text me and e-mailed me to see where it is is unbelievable. All I can say is I'm well and truly chastised, I'm sorry, my knuckles are wrapped and I'm back. . . But July has been a busy busy month!

I must just say that the amount of support I'm getting is unbelievable - thank you every single one of you xxxx

I don't know where this is going to lead yet but, here goes!!

I have written about my wonderful husband before now and I just need to give a little more insight.
My family have known Ray and his family from me being the tender age of 14 (back in the early 80's) when my Dad started working for him when he part owned a very successful printing business. Our families have always been the best of friends, Dad and Ray on many occasions staying up until the wee small hours solving problems and writing computer programmes, not to mention the BBQ's on New Years Day, the fireplaces knocked through on Christmas Eve and the copious bottles of Whisky that have been consumed between the two of them! Over the last 10 years or so Ray and I have grown closer as friends - we've sat and 'put the world to rights!' him telling me his problems and me telling him mine and between us trying to solve them.

Neither of us know how or the reason things changed between us. Really it's just something that happened in the February of 2003 when he left me a dozen roses in the boot of my car on Valentines Day.
When we first 'got together' we had an awful lot to contend with. Both family and friends all seemed to have an opinion on everything that was happening at the time, good and bad! We decided to grin and bare it and soon realised that it was actually making us stronger rather than pulling us apart. All we knew was, finally after a long long time we were both happy, we were smiling and we were glad to be alive.

Ray has three children from his previous marriage who, just like us found things difficult. We've all had our ups and downs but seem to have found a 'level ground' that suits us all. The beginning of July found me on a different level that made me feel more proud than ever before!

Jonathan graduated from Newcastle University and we had the immense pleasure of going to see him graduate. I do not and never did intend to be the kids 'step' Mum, that would just be completely wrong!! I only ever wanted to be a friend and I have to say Jonny and I have found that friendship and Newcastle made me very, very proud!! He's had a tough time dealing with his Mum and Dad's break-up and coming to terms with his Dad and myself getting together. Not to mention the little brother that he's acquired who, lets face it NONE of us ever expected. Jonathan has worked so hard to achieve his goals. He's applying for a Masters next year and I wish him all the love and luck in the world. Jonathan, you believed in yourself and you did it. Many, many congratulations love. xxx
Then it was a quick flight over to Ireland for my cousins wedding. We had a wonderful time although I have to admit I was extremely worried about the after effect of Irish hospitality!

Darren and Melissa's' wedding was fantastic. Melissa looked absolutely stunning and luckily we had fabulous weather for the day.

As usual we stayed at Uncle Ed and Auntie Mary's where we are always made to feel at home. 'At home' is fabulous home cooked food and biscuits, sandwiches, cakes and buns with your cup of tea! A 'dry' cup of tea is not the done thing over in Ireland so our calorie counting went out of the window. It was also Ray's birthday whilst we were away and Ka had arranged a birthday cake for him, a HUGE cream cake!! At that point, we hit panic mode (but asked for a slice anyway).

We did manage to get out for a couple of walks in between the showers! Whilst we were out walking we could certainly understand why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. For all that it is wet, the countryside is so lush and it really does take your breath away, it is beautiful.

After getting home from Ireland I seem to have spent most of my time either in the salon with clients or in the gym/training to counteract some of the damage that has been done whilst I've been away.

I think we need to call this 'weigh in month' this time as the last time I blogged was the end of June.

So in 4 weeks I've lost a total of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


So my total since the 4th January is - 4 STONE!!!!!

My intention at the beginning of January was to lose weight and get healthy and in doing so, raise money for The British Heart Foundation. I remember thinking back then how much 4 stone was and wondered whether I could possibly lose that colossal amount of weight in the 8 months leading to my 40th birthday on 29th August.

I have smashed that target by a full month with what seems to be little effort. I feel fitter, healthier and happier. I enjoy cooking and I relish going into the gym or for a run. Who would have ever thought hey?? My new challenge now is to see how much EXTRA I can lose in the 4 weeks I have left.

My only wish is that my Dad could be here to see my achievement - for him to see how far I have come and to be as proud of me as I am of myself.


Both my Mum and my brother are on the site and John has lost an incredible 6lb in his first week, I'm so pleased and proud of him, I know the initial decision is a hard one to make but he's done it. I look forward to hearing all about his journey and he knows only too well that I will be beside him all the way. Mums first weigh in is Thursday and I'm looking forward to writing about that next week.

Ray also has lost a massive 15lb since starting and he looks fantastic. So much so that when we were up in Newcastle the suit he wore for the graduation was far too big for him. Whilst Jonathan was having lunch with his Mum and Auntie Carole (post graduation) we nipped into Fenwicks to see what they had for him. The suit he wore in the morning was a 42" waist! He asked the storekeeper to de-tag his new suit and walked out in a 36" waisted suit!!!! All he wanted to do was go back and have his photo re-taken!!

Until next week

God bless



  1. You have done so well Ells.I'm so proud of you and so pleased John has joined. Love ya XX

  2. i am scared to eat a mars bar...!!!!!! as it might make me put weight your getting closer to my messing know Andy and i are soooo very proud of you and Ray. I always knew you would do it..and pure determination from you was unreal.

    So continue to work at eat...but more importantly enjoy it.....
    Run forest Ellie is catching you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 33 days till your 40 so best of luck with the money. xx...p.s 34 for me..... :(