Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Week 32 Time is ticking

I still can't believe where the time is going! July seemed to fly by and August is upon us already and running away fast! I have been busy with work this last month and in the present economic climate I've been glad of it. We currently have a few business ideas flying about in the air and hopefully the next time I post, I may have some further news.

In between clients, meetings and birthday parties we have been training hard for the run 10k at the end of September. Our initial intention was to run it in less than 1hr 30mins. However, our first training session saw us completing the 6 miles in 1hr 18mins!! Whoops, I think we need to set a different goal!

This last month has also seen me look at myself and my fitness levels very differently.

- I can now sustain running at a constant pace for a mile and a half without having to stop and walk for a recovery period.

- I actually now like my arms!!

- My thighs are shrinking (ok, along with the rest of me but I noticed the difference this month!)

- I actually miss "not training".

The sudden realisation that I have lost nearly 25% of my starting body weight seems colossal to me and I can smile about it.

Ray and I have also had to seriously sort out our wardrobes this month and as a consequence, not only have our body's shrunk but so have our wardrobes!

I am enjoying my healthier lifestyle and at the same time I'm enjoying life - does that sound silly?

If anyone would like any advice I would gladly give it - I know how it has turned my life around and how it has influenced people around me. My husband has lost over 2 stones; my best friend Tammy has lost nearly 1 and half stone; my brother has lost nearly a stone; my mum and my sister-in-law have lost half a stone each. When you make a decision to do something it really doesn't take a lot of effort but as the old saying goes, 'the first step is always the hardest'. After that if you stick to the rules and are open and honest with yourself about what you are eating then it really does work.

I also got a letter from the British Heart Foundation a couple of weeks ago about a sponsored walk they are organising. After talking to Ray I rang John about it to see if they fancied joining us on the walk as a family, in memory of Dad. Our children are doing it as well and I've just spoken to Mum about walking some of it too (we are taking a wheelchair for her for when she gets too tired). The walk is in 2 miles circuits and you can do as many as you want to. We have decided that 2 laps would be enough for the kids (and Mum) and an achievement in itself for them and her. If you would like to sponsor that event please take a look at our page www.justgiving.com/grandparedhead

Since last blogging I have lost a further 9lb in weight!!

That now brings my total to 4st 9lbs or an impressive 65lb

My final weigh in will be on my 40th birthday, a week on Saturday . In the time I have left I'm hoping to lose a further 5lb to reach a total of 5 stone. I won't be too hard on myself as we are away this week and I have a couple of dinners planned for my birthday week but I will try. I do intend to carry on losing weight after my birthday, 'cos I still have at least another 2 stone to go but my birthday will determine the closing weight loss for my sponsorship.

Until the big day

God bless



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