Sunday, 8 March 2009

Achy but elated!!

Training this week has been slightly different. Short sharp miles to help me get my fitness levels up in preparation for my half marathon. I've enjoyed changing it slightly and have been excited although a little apprehensive waiting for our half marathon.

Today was the day and ............ I'VE DONE IT!

Ray and I set of from home this morning at 9:48 am and arrived at mums house 13 miles away 3hours and 37 minutes later - what a buzz! My first ever half marathon and I'm overjoyed and emotional (but happily emotional for a change).
My sponsored slim has so far raised in excess of £1000 for The British Heart Foundation and this week has also seen me booking my charity night. I'm still in the early stages of organisation but hopefully over the next couple of weeks I should have posters and tickets printed. Please book the 29th April in your diary........ more details to follow.

My intention when I started my new eating habits was to lose between 1 and 2 pound a week with an overall weight loss of 4 stone before my 40th birthday at the end of August.

Here I am 9 weeks in - I have lost 19lb in weight, I've entered myself into a walking marathon and the race for life. I've also upped my exercise routine beyond anything I had imagined and what is really wonerful is that I'm enjoying my new healthy lifestyle.

When we've organised nights out I've been very careful to keep within my limits during the week in order to enjoy them and so far its worked for me. I've maintained on a couple of weeks but most weeks I've lost weight.

We were back at our favorite restaurant last night with our friends Jean and Mike and we had a wonderful night catching up and chatting. I'd been good all week so I was prepared to let my hair down and have our favourite dish of Bone in Rib Eye - as per usual it was beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder whether having weigh in on a Sunday is a good idea??!!??

This week it was........................... I lost a staggering 7lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried extra hard this week because of my meal out last night and have changed my exercise routine. The results are plain to see although I realise that I could quite easily plateau next week but for today I'm crying with happiness.

I have reached a weight that I've not been at for a long long time. I'm fitting into clothes that have been laying dormant in my wardrobe for longer than I care to remember and my larger jeans I can now take off with out undoing them!

Ray and I are going to a Day Spa tomorrow. A Christmas present Mum and Dad got us 2 years ago that we've never yet done. A well deserved relaxation and pamper day is ahead of us and I can't wait!!

I'm leaving you very happy, very emotional and very achy this week.

Until next Sunday

God bless


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  1. Well done to you and Ray, what a star. I can't get over how well you're doing, once you put your mind to something that you really see it through, so proud of you!!!