Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day

Well another silly busy week this week chasing my tail and seemingly getting nowhere!

I'm also finding it extremely hard to blog this evening as my mum has been taken into hospital this weekend but I'll carry on and apologise now for my frame of mind but I really can't help it.

The week started off well with a trip over to Harrogate to have a walk with Caz. We did a VERY hilly 6.2 miles round the area which was really nice. We laughed and chatted most of the way round about our upcoming 40th birthdays. It amazed me how frightened Caz was of reaching her 40th and in complete contrast how blase I was about my own.

My cousin and Uncle came over from Ireland on Thursday for a few days and we arranged for it to be a surprise for Mum. I'd arranged for her and my Aunt to come down for lunch (which we do regularly so no surprise there!) but the look of complete shock on her face when Ray walked into the kitchen with tour guests was second to none! We certainly surprised her and it was nice to see her cry with happiness for a change.

When she arrived home that evening however she started vomiting and hasn't stopped since so she was taken into our local hospital late last night for investigative care. (I would hasten to add at this point that it was not my cooking!!)

My Uncle Ed stayed with Mum whilst he was here and bless him he ended up playing nursemaid to her, I do hope they managed to chat a little during his visit.

My cousin stayed over at our house and I managed to get her out for a walk on Friday. Another personal best was reached but this time not by me but by Catherine. We walked 5.2 miles which is her longest! Well done hunni I really enjoyed it.

We've also had visitors in and out and staying all weekend which has been lovely but again dampened by the fact that Mum has been ill. I love her so much and I'm worried for her. No matter how old I am I'm her little girl and I want her to be well. Having to wait until visiting time at the hospital to wish her Happy Mothers Day has been so frustrating.

Weigh in was also this morning and no great surprise to me I've stayed the same once again...... PLATEAU REACHED!! I have to think positive 'coz I've lost 26 lbs but today my heart is heavy, I'm worried and I'm low.

Hopefully we'll have a better week next week.

Get well soon Mum, I love you more than you'd know


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