Sunday, 29 March 2009

A busy and worrying week

As you know from last weeks blog my mum was taken into hospital on Saturday evening. On Monday she had a CT scan and they discovered she had a perforated gall bladder which had allowed a 2 x 3cm stone to become lodged in her small intestine. She was taken down for emergency surgery on Monday evening which resulted in a bowel resection to remove the blockage. She was finally released from the High Dependency Unit on Thursday and was settled onto a ward. Her condition improved rapidly thereafter and she even managed to walk the corridor on a couple of occasions. Last night however she started vomiting again and they have taken out the bottom 3 clips of the wound to see what was going on. She now has a bag attached to it as there is leakage/infection. The Doctors also think that the vomiting may be due to the fact that she isn't moving around enough yet for everything to 'work it's way down'.
The last time one of my parents went down to theatre he never came out so you can imagine our concern. We had a dreadfully worrying time. I've already lost my Dad and I'm certainly not ready to loose my Mum too!! It still amazes me how susceptible I am to falling apart. Memories of what we went through with Dad just flooded back and I was a wreck once again. I'm sorry if I spoilt your birthday on Monday Tam ... I really tried and thank you once again Ray for being by my side and helping me get through it.
On Wednesday evening I went to the local leisure centre with my cousin to do step and box. Basically its a full hour of intense cardio work. Thanks Elly you managed to make me laugh (1, 2, 3 duck!) and push my boundaries a little, I actually enjoyed it although I couldn't feel my thighs on Friday!!!!!
With Mum being in hospital I've had little time to do much walking this week but I have been using the stairs at the hospital. I didn't mind so much when she was on the 3rd floor but she is now on the 6th, it hurts!!
On Friday however, Benjamin had his own sponsored walk with school and we accompanied him. We were so proud of him. 3 years old and he walked 3.5 miles and walked most of them too! When we put him on Ray's shoulders he proclaimed 'Daddy, its windy up here!'. His sponsoring skills are coming into play too and he managed to raise £38.00 for the school. Well done Benji xxx

On Saturday we went to our friends 70th birthday, catching up with friends and dancing the night away. The highlight though was taking Benjamin to see his Grandma in hospital on the way there as he had his tuxedo on, bless him. It was a lovely surprise for her and he melted a few hearts on the way.

Sunday, weigh in...............................

Yippee, I've reached my 2 stone mark! I've lost 4lb which brings my total weight loss so far to 2 stone 2lbs. I didn't expect my 2stone until the end of April so I'm absolutely delighted. I am over 4 weeks ahead of my target, all I can say is thank you very much if you sponsored me per pound. I think you're going to owe me a lot of money!!!! Benjamin's walk was along a public footpath to the next village, so to celebrate my 2 stone loss, the 3 of us walked to the pub there for Sunday lunch (only we took the buggy for Benjamin this time!)

Until next Sunday

With love



  1. A really worrying time for you chick....but you stayed strong as usual.... :)

    Right thats it now the...break over...get walking again or im coming over there to kick your arse.....!
    Love ya xxxxx

  2. Your dress is beautiful! A bit of a delayed comment but I came across your blog and me being a similar size to you when you started out, you are a real inspiration to me. Thank you. Hope you are keeping well and strong

    Jessica xx