Sunday, 15 March 2009

Good news all round!

The week started at Eden Hall Spa near Newark. If you haven't already been I would highly recommend it!

Ray and I had a fabulous day on Monday. Relaxing, detoxing and being pampered and it was a wonderful feeling after our half marathon the day before but nicer to spend timeout just the two of us chatting and having a good time.

The next couple of days were spent worrying about some tests that Ray had to have on Wednesday (the worry was still there on Monday only we forgot it for a few hours!)

When one of the most important people in your life is not well and starts to worry about their health, you naturally worry with them and this has been a dreadful strain for the last couple of months.

I am however thrilled to announce that he is fit and well and will live to fight another day (and hopefully a lot of years!!!!). I lost my Dad just over 3 months ago I'm certainly not ready to loose my husband as well. We returned home on Wednesday via the supermarket picking up a couple of bottles of our favorite wine, had a beautiful meal and celebrated in style.

With the events of the week, we've not walked as much as usual but this morning I went out for a quick 3 mile walk round the village and I smashed my personal best by walking a pace of 14 minute per miles, I am sooooo pleased I cannot begin to tell you.

Sunday............................ weigh in.............................

Last weeks weight loss was colossal and I was prepared for the plateau that happened this week.

I have maintained, but with the celebrating we did this week and the treat on Monday I half expected it an I really don't mind. The truth is I have lost 1 stone 12 pound in 10 weeks (that's 26lb!!) My 2 stone mark was due to happen at the end of April, it looks like that is going to be another goal I'm going to smash. I'm a happy bunny.

Tomorrow finds me going to Caz's neck of the woods!! I'm looking forward to my walk in Harrogate. Oh I wonder where she'll take me?!?!

God bless,


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