Sunday, 11 January 2009

Now you have an insight to what has happened! ........... A little of how I feel and a whole heap of emotion!

I'm not sorry as this is me, this is how I am and this is why I have people who believe in me and trust me. Thank you for staying with me and helping me on my journey.

After the events of the last 7 weeks I have wondered what I can do to change both myself and the people around me. . . . . . . . .

Myself I can change, but the environment may take a little longer!

With this in mind I decided to do a sponsored slim. I'm grossly overweight, as was my Dad with heart disease very prevalent in our family. What better cause can I give to but The British Heart Foundation. Both the hospital staff and the surgeons did everything they could for Dad so hopefully I can thank them all by helping them get a bit more insight into heart disease.

With over 7 stone to loose to get to my ideal weight this is no mean feat so I have to be realistic. I've given myself until the end of August (I'm 40 on the 29th August!) to loose at least 4 stone.
On 2nd of January 2009 I started back on the Wii fit weighing myself and eating healthily. Then I read about the Hull Daily Mail running their site so I've joined that too.

With singing in my sould I've done many charity nights raising thousands of pounds for differant charities, now its my turn!! This is close to my heart (almost too close!) so I will be doing some charity nights too! So beware there will be invitations going out and favours being called in!!!

I look forward to you support


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