Friday, 16 January 2009

When I read the Hull Daily Mail on Wednesday I nearly fell on the floor when I looked for what I thought was going to be a little article tucked into a corner!


Thank you Joanna for writing a fantastic article on my crusade. I cried almost all afternoon. In fact everytime I looked at it and saw Dads face smiling at me I cried. He certainly would be proud of me but also humbled that I was doing it for him. xxx

I've been at the cooker most of the week making soups and I'm getting to be a bit a dab hand at them really and I think I've found a new love...... pepper!! lol. I've made Leek and Celery soup, Tomato Soup, Wholesome soup, Mixed Vegetable soup. You name it, I've weighed it, chopped it, softened it, stocked it, simmered it and whizzed it in the blender!!!
The 7lb loss last week has spurred me on this week and I've realised what a difference even half a stone can make in the way I feel about myself. My head is a little higher and I feel less bloated.

This weekend will be a tester as I have 2 nights out planned but I've also worked hard and taken them into account so I look forward to my reward when I step on the scales on Sunday and see yet another loss.


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