Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Today I'm smiling although I'm a little overwhelmed......

Thanks to a good friend of mine (Katie xxx) Joanna, a reporter from the Hull Daily Mail rang me this morning wanting to do an article on my sponsored slim!! ARRGGHHH.

She asked me allsorts of questions about how I'm finding the site, (http://www.mailslimmers.co.uk/) how its working for me etc. and took additional details from me. I gave her the information to access my blog for a greater insight into my situation and within an hour a photographer had been despatched to take my photograph ready for an article in tomorrows edition of the Hull Daily Mail.

The publicity is fantastic as it will hopefully not only get me more sponsorship for The British Heart Foundation but it will also hopefully get my Dad's name in the spotlight too!

Dad was always such a quiet unasuming man, he never really went out anywhere but was always in the background helping and encouraging. He never liked to be in the spotlight....................... hahahaha now he is and I'm so pleased that people are finding out about the wonderful man he was.

There was another time he was the centre of attention...................

Dad was the youngest of 4 boys and has family all over the U.K. going as far as Guernsey but they was never a single time when the whole extended family were together. For his 65th Birthday (2004) we decided to throw him a suprise party and invite all his relatives! I hadn't even met a lot of them myself so it was a first for a lot of us.

I think he always had an idea that we had something organised for his birthday but he never knew the extent to which we'd gone. We could tell that by the look of shock, joy and pure emotion that was on his face when he walked onto the patio too see over 70 people including his brothers, their families and many of his in-laws from far and wide had come to send their wishes and spend some time with him.

We had a fantastic night that night. We laughed, talked, sang, drank and danced until the wee small hours.

Tomorrow Dad you're in the spotlight again. I'm looking forward to reading the article and seeing his name in lights for a change!!

Ellie xxx

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