Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy Valentines

This week really has been an up and down week.

Training has been hard as I've been so busy but between juggling family, business, personal and exercise I've managed it and clocked up 17 miles! I have also been out and bought a new pair of trainers for the job and I have a training programme for next week from Andy, so it looks like a week of early rising for me to get the hours in.

My Garmin forerunner arrived on Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get into the gym to try it out. I'm still waiting to use it outside and now that all the snow and ice has gone I'm hoping to be out in the fresh air next week.

My thoughts this week have been of my wonderful Mum, how on earth does she cope? My Auntie Margaret (not my real Aunt but my mums best friend) lost her mum whilst she was on holday so we had the funeral on Tuesday. Over we went to Wakefield, another funeral but we wouldn't have been anywhere else but supporting her. It was so difficult not only for me but for my mum. Her first funeral since Dads and she found it really tough.

Also yesterday, Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year! I had a dreadfully emotional day, I couldn't even look at my Dads photo without crying. He always used to complain about Valentines Day being nothing but a money making scam yet he never forgot to get mum a card bless him. I did ask if Mum would like to come down on Saturday but she declined and instead said she would come for Sunday lunch. Benjamin always goes to Grandmas for a sleepover and he's missed her coming here so he was sooo excited. He always manages to make her smile.

We have many more milestones to get through and I hope I can continue being strong for her and help her through what must be an absolute nightmare!

I love you Mum xxx

So Sunday is here! Gosh I'm getting to like Sundays..........

I've lost another 3lb this week. Oh my God I'm stunned and delighted. We had a gorgeous 3 course meal last night for Valentines day along with a bottle of pink champagne and a bottle of wine between the two of us. It just goes to show if you plan ahead for what your having it pays off.

I've got a heavy weeks training ahead of me next week, I'm not sure if muscle mass will come into it.......... I look forward to finding out.

Take care


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