Sunday, 22 February 2009

My first Marathon .................... in a week

It's been a busy week this week.

We had a dinner to go to on Tuesday. It was lovely to get dressed up and even nicer that people noticed me weight loss which made me feel good about myself. (I even managed to get some more sponsorship!)

Thursday we went out for a meal with some friends and although we had great fun chatting, catching up and laughing the meal itself was pretty grotty and it seemed that everything was steeped in garlic butter! So with that and rather a lot of alcohol it was a bad night calorie wise!!

On Friday we took Benjamin to Sundown Adventurland near Retford. Anyone reading this with children under the age of 8, I would highly recommend it. We had a fabulous day and Benji ran himself ragged.

Training has gone very will this week. On Monday and Wednesday I covered 5 miles at 3.7 mph. Tuesday and Thursday I did 3 miles at 4 mph and because I missed out on Fridays' session (athough I walked round Sundown for 5 hours!) I did 5 miles on Saturday at 3.8 mph. That was 21 miles in total.

Today Ray and I decided to drop Benjamin off at my Mums and go out for a walk across the Humber Bridge. We were out for about 1 hour 50 minutes and we did 6 miles.............. Have you worked it out yet????????? I certainly did, that means throughout the week I have actually walked my first ever marathon! I'm absolutely elated, all I have to do now is condense the week into one day!!! lol

Weigh in was also today...............................

I have maintained......................... I'm not really surprised after the week I've had and I'm sure the training would certainly have brought muscle mass inot contention so I'm happy with that.

I'm feeling better in my clothes and even wearing thinkgs that have been dormant in my wardrobe fro years and my body is certainly changing shape!!

Until next week

God bless


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  1. oh my god Els, as you know i have had no internet for a while and just got to see blog now and FUCK ME!! you look amazing, whislt im sitting on my fat fucking ass!! thats it i am starting weight watchers tomorrow after seeing those pics.. keep it upo girlfriend love and big hugs as always palxxxxx