Sunday, 8 February 2009

One Down Three To Go!!

Well here we are, Sunday again already.

This weekend has been a basy one but a good one. One that has been spent crying through laughter (for a change!).

Two of our best friends moved in together this weekend and spent their first couple of nights with us which was fabulous. Tammy has been one of my best friends for many years now. She's always there, night or day for a chat, to hear me moan, to give me a shoulder to cry on or to help out. Whether it be at the end of the phone or a kepboard or knocking on my door at any time of the day, she's helped me through some tough times, I love you Tam. THANK YOU xxx. Al has moved to good old Hull from Kings Lynn to live with Tam and I couldn't be happier for them. They've let us share in their happiness and we wish them both all the very best for their future (just give me plenty of time to get my hat!!!lol). Al also starts a new job tomorrow and I wish him all the luck in the world for that too. Thank you guys and here's to many more weekends xxx

Caz (my walking partner for the Moon Walk) and Andy (my trainer and Mr Motivator!) with their daughter Loz, are our good friends from Harrogate and they have also been here for the weekend helping us celebrate and to talk 'training' of course! We've not seen them for a while and it was lovely to catch up and spend some quality time with them. I look forward to your knee being on form again Caz to I can come over to Harragate and pound the pavements with you! Andy, you're not only a great trainer but you are an inspiration! Tahnk you both for your friendship, your input and for your faith in me xxx

We've laughed about kcals and they have tested my ability to know just how many I'm eating - I hope I passed the test! I'm now getting to be a bit of a pro. This weekend we've eaten healthily, we've drunk sensilbly, we've talked constantly and we've laughed heartily!! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much so thank you all, it's meant more than you'll ever know xxx

So with all things balanced, as I said on Wednesday I was looking forward to getting on the scales this morning...................................

I've lost another 3lb!!!

THAT'S MY FIRST STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely over the moon as you can imagine. Ray promptly went into the pantry and put 14lbs of flour into a bag and passed it to me. Oh my word it was soooo heavy. There is no wonder I used to be out of breath by the time I got up the stairs. Training for the Moonwalk has kicked in now with 23miles under my belt so far!!......... So here's to another good week

God Bless




  1. Whay...i had a great giggle too....was lovely to see you and Ray and Gorgeous Benji and also get the chance to catch up with my my sis!!

    You are doing so well and you will continue to but i will hold off holding that bloody bag when ray puts in thats ok hun..!
    Well i am now just getting so excited about training and i promise we will do this together and make it,26 miles is nothing...tee hee.

    Thanks again hun and ....ohhh on question....did you weigh the spray tan...???? Only a though chick xxxxxx Caz xx

  2. Hi Ellie, the photos from the weekend are lovely, it's really nice to see you smiling again.

    Well done on losing your first stone, i'm very proud of you xx